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Master Mold Inspection and Remediation, Water Damage Cleanup Wilmette / Glenview

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Services Offered:
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Mold is a rapidly growing concern for home owners and is something we have probably all encountered at one time whether it was in the shower, on wet dry wall or even on bread.
The key to mold control is moisture control. Solve moisture problems before they become mold problems! Whenever there is excessive moisture present indoors, mold can grow in as little as 48 hours. This moisture can come from a slow leak, a broken pipe or even high humidity. Due to its rapid growth, if allowed to continue to grow, mold can become a tenacious problem. It can produce a musty smoke and cause discoloration and structural damage to building materials as well as impact indoor air quality.
Call the Master Serv pro mold remediation experts in Chicago today to take prompt action and prevent the spread of mold. When you call Master Disaster Clean-Up services we will respond in the appropriate manner.
For mold contamination that is isolated to a less than 10 square foot space, expensive testing and protocols are not required. We will proceed with the claim process and perform the services, isolating the contaminated area and removing the mold while protecting the surrounding areas from the possible spread of mold spores.
For mold contamination that is more than 10 square feet, we contain the contaminated area and immediately notify your insurance company. In these cases, we highly recommend using an environmental testing services to establish the baseline levels of mold, the types of mold present and develop a written remediation plan. Master Services works with nationally recognized testing facilities in Chicago who can provide mold inspection, laboratory analysis and written remediation plans at a reasonable price. We will also work with your insurance company to establish the proper producers to handle the situation.
Master Serv pro Services can clear the contamination while restoring your peace of mind.


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